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Citizen Charter

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Citizen Charter

A) Supply of copies of resolutions and G.L.R.’s.

Extracts of G.L.R. are issued to the H.O.R. on payment of Rs. 10/- and also copies of resolutions are issued to the applicant on payment of Rs. 10/- as copying fees fixed by the board.

1. Receipt of application Between 10 Am to 5 Pm at any working day.
2. Verification of application& Clearance of dues Next day on receipt of application.
3. Supply of copy of G.L.R.Extract & resolution Within 03 Days
4. Inspection / Copying fees As prescribed by the board from time to time

B) Trees

Cutting of trees is totally prohibited. Person who intends to get the dangerous trees removed & cut may request in writing to the CEO who after fulfilling requisite formalities will dispose off the said application as per the laid down Govt. policy. Please note that any unauthorized felling / cutting of trees is punishable under law.

C) VIP Reference

Response of letters from VIP’s recognized residents welfare association, public bodies.

Acknowledgement Within 03 days after receipt of letter.
Final Reply Within 15 days.

Cantonment Board always strives for excellence & discipline, efforts to fulfill the commitment made & follow the time limits for the benefit of the citizen. However due to administrative difficulties at times it is not possible to adhere to them & in this respect we request for citizen’s co-operation & understanding. Help us to achieve excellence in public service & serve you better.

Enforcement :-

The Cantonment Board deals with removal of unauthorized encroachment on Govt./ Defence land in its area. In additional to this hoardings, banners on Govt./ Defenses land are also removed. Stray cattle are impounded in the Cantt Cattle Pond.

Allotment of space for Hoarding decided by the Board. On application to CEO @ Per Sqft. At the site.
Removal of Encroachments.

Encroachment by unauthorized offenders will be removed immediately. Other encroachment of Pucca nature afterfollowing laid down procedure / due process of law.

Collection of tehbazari. Rs. 3/- & 5/- per day per stall on temporary shop.
Sanitation. Hotelier shopkeers / residents are expected to keeps dustbins.
Polythene. The Board has banned use of polythene in Cantt area.

Stray cattle :-

Stray cattles are impounded in the cattle pound of the Cantt. Board & be released after the payment of fines as under.

Fines :-
Elephant 100/- Buffalo 60/- Bull 60/- Mule 100/-
Camel 80/- Cow 60/- Horse 120/- Pig 100/-
Goat 20/- Sheep 20/- Donkey 20/- Calf 20/-

Feeding Charges will remain as under :-

Cow / Buffalo / Horse / Big Animals. 10/- Each Per Day.
Goat / Sheep / Small Cattle. 5/- Each Per Day.

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