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The Board runs only 1 High School with 441 Students on Strength. Total strength of Teacher is 5 with 11 numbers contractual teachers and 1 peon. During the financial year 2017-18 the school has been upgraded upto 10th Standard. The school building has been renovated at a cost of Rs. 18.10 lakhs during last financial year.

For encouragement of Girl Child the Board has started payment of cash prize of Rs. 1,000/-, Rs. 700/- and Rs. 500/- to those girls who are standing First, Second and Third. Free books and uniforms have been distributed to all students of Cantonment School during the period under report.


(a) Efforts made to increase the No. of girls’ child in Cantonment High School as a result thereof the total strength of girl were 173 during the period under report.

(b) Class Tenth has been started during the period under report.

(c) Scholarship is awarded to SC/ST/OBC students by the MP Education Department @ Rs.150/- per annum to each student of Primary School. Rs. 500/- to SC girl students, Rs. 300/- to ST girl students and Rs. 200/- per annum paid to all students of Middle School belong to SC/ST/OBC boys students.

(d) The Board has resolved to provide merit scholarship per month to the students of Cantt. Board School as per directions of the Dte. Defence Estates, Central Command, Lucknow letter No. Rulling/ RCFCE/ LC-6 dated 03/01/2012 for which SOP is being prepared. Budget Provision will be made in the Revised Budget 2018-19 and the payment of Merit Scholarship will be made accordingly.

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