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1. In addition to education & Health facilities the Board is maintaining its own independent water supply with 6 tube wells, 2 reservoirs of 50,000 & 10,000 Gallons capacity & 1 sump well of 50,000 gallons capacity. The Cantonment Board is supplying 56.47 liter of drinking water per capita per day.

2. The Board is maintaining street light within Cantonment area & most of the old lights have been replaced by the LED lights.

3. The Board constructed 3 prefabricated sheds for the use of Marriage and other cultural activities.

4. The Board is maintaining 4 gardens for the recreation of general public.

5. The Board is providing free education to the students of Cantonment area.

6. The Board is providing free medical facilities with ECG machine.

7. The following State Government Scheme is implemented by the Board to the residents of Cantonment area:-

(i) Ration Card
(ii) National Family benefit Scheme.
(iii) Jana Shree Bima Yojna.
(iv) Sambhal Yojna
(v) Birth Death & Marriage certificates
(vi) Pension scheme of 10 Types.

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