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Sanitary Section

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Sanitary Section

There is a sanitation branch consisting of 01 sanitary inspector 02 consy Jamadar, 03 Driver and Safaiwalas. There are 09 groups’ latrines having 172 Seats. The vehicles provided for sanitation work are as under:-

Minis truck : 01
Tractors : 02

Monthly sanitary round is being carried out by the S.E.M.O/H.O and Report is being put up before the board for consideration and action is taken accordingly.

Water Supply

The cantonment board is maintaining its independent water supply scheme with 06 tube wells and 02 overhead reservoir of one having capacity of 50,000 gallons and the other having 10,000/- gallon capacity chlorinated.

Water is supplied to the civil population per capita per day water Consumption is liters beside this 25 hand pumps are exists in civil area as additional source of water.

Street Lights

There are 295 street light points out of which 23 nos. metal hallide lamps 252 nos. SVLs, MVLs, 15 os, tube lights and 05 nos. ordinary bulb.


The Cantt board maintaining 08 kms of metal road keeping in view the over Crowd/traffic the widening of road is done.


Presently the cantonment board pachmarhi has 25 kms long drain out of which kms are small kms is main nallah.

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